🚀CODE Token

We added functionality to the CODE Token to maintain a functioning Ecosystem, such as a stable price, continued staking rewards, and secure liquidity.


Token Staking

You can stake your CODE Tokens as XCODEs and join XCODE Games or other events without waiting for the APR period. When the APR period is over, you can convert your XCODEs to CODE Token and keep them in your wallet.

3% Automatic Burning Mechanism on converting XCODE Token to CODE Token

There will be a deduction while converting XCODE Token to CODE Token. 2% of the deduction turns to burn, and 1% of the deduction turns into liquidity in the ecosystem. The transaction tax is intended to ensure the project's long-term viability and progress toward its objectives. In addition to that, #WatchtoEarn incomes, Adds incomes and NFT incomes turn to burn.

Low Slippage

Yes, you read right! There is no slippage either buying or selling.

Liquidity Guarantee Program

Liquidity will be added at the end of each Game Session.

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