Halfday is the game that will open a new era in the entertainment world where real-time is twice as fast, and players can generate more revenue in proportion to the minimum time and skills spent. This game is the kind of metaworld that trade-in units that are spent on resources for manufacturing inside, will also be determined by trade groups in the ecosystem of the game based on their economic situation.

👍 How we make a connection between HALFHOUR seasonal games and HALFDAY 👀

  • The first 3 of the leaderboard will win diamond boxes. There are lands in the diamond boxes that will be used in the HALFDAY.

  • The players between 3-10 of the leaderboard will win gold boxes. There are costumes (according to occupations) in the gold boxes that will be used in HALFDAY to get more energy during the game.

  • The players between 10-25 of the leaderboard will win silver boxes. There are machines (according to occupations) in the silver boxes that will be used to complete tasks quickly.

  • The players between 25-50 of the leaderboard, will get bronze boxes. There are tools (according to occupations) in the bronze boxes, you can complete task faster than handmade, but slower than machines.

  • There are also wood boxes, anyone can get. There are raw materials in wood boxes, that can be usable to making goods. Raw materials can be exchangable. Please do not stock items, nobody loves inflation 😊

There are a fee as XCODEs to open boxes according to their classification.

There will be levels of lands, costumes, machines, and tools. You can upgrade your levels. You can produce more, quicker, and getting more energy.

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