👀Useful Tricks

👌 HALFHOUR Seasonal Games are #FreetoEarn. You read it right! You can earn rewards without paying anything. You can join tournements with an only low gas fee.

👌 $2000 in total is distributed in each season. You can check Rewards Page for details.

👌 Attention: You are able to enter thrice in one seasonal game via same wallet. You can only get the reward once for each season. It means that we have two kinds of leaderboard: one of them is based on your scores you can view top of your scores, the other one is classical leaderboard, you can view total highscores and control the rewards.

👌 You can share your score on twitter at the end of the game. You can earn an extra star by means of sharing your score (can done only one time in one season).

👌 You can create a referance code, if you want. You can earn an extra star via this number of use of referance code if it is reached 10 (there is no limitation to use for referance code, The more you share, the more you get).

👌 Suprises are waiting to players of HALFHOUR Sesonal games.

Wood Capsules

Anyone can get wood capsules. There are raw materials in wood capsules that can be useful for making goods. Raw materials can be exchangeable. Please do not stock these items; nobody loves inflation.

Bronze Capsules

The players between 25-50 on the leaderboard will get bronze capsules. There are tools (according to occupations) in the bronze capsules; you can complete the task faster than handmade but slower than machines.

Silver Capsules

Silver capsules will be awarded to the players ranked 10 to 25th on the leaderboard. There are machines (according to occupations) in the silver capsules that will be used to complete tasks quickly.

Gold Capsules

Gold capsules will be awarded to the players ranked 3-10 on the leaderboard. There are costumes (according to occupations) in the gold capsules that will be used in HALF DAY to get more energy during the game.

Diamond Capsules

Diamond capsules will be awarded to the first three finishers on the leaderboard. There are lands in the diamond capsules that will be used in the HALFDAY.

There are a fee as XCODEs to open boxes according to their classification.

👌 There will be levels of lands, costumes, machines, and tools. You can upgrade your levels. You can produce more, quicker, and get more energy.

👌 You can collect max. 150 stars in 12 seasons. Those who collect 150 stars can get a diamond box. Those who collect 75 stars, can get discounted prices to buy a land with a pre-sale chance. You can check the Usage areas of NFTs for detail.

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