๐ŸŒ”Season 1

This season's game begins with the main character being lost in the world of thought. Each object represents an idea. Our character strives to achieve its brightest goal within the set limit time. He has the right to think twice as he passes from one idea to the other. If character can't hold on from one idea to another, or stops thinking of an idea, it's lost in the path of the brightest idea by being dragged down into the world of that idea. NEVER STOP PLANNING AND TRYING FOR THE BRIGHTEST IDEA

You must reach object by jumping when the game starts. When you reach one object you should pass to other one. WARNING: objects start floating in space when character touches it. So, you should be very quick!

You have only two chance to reach one object to another. If you can not touch the object, character will fall and game will be end.

The one that explodes confetti from all objects and reaches the finish line in shortest time, would be top of the leaderboard.

Players are able to reach stars at the same time. Check out the leaderboard for the use of stars.

According to scores, players will be placed at the leaderboard. One player is able to do limitless trial within half an hour by one entrance fee. However, the highest score that made by player could be view on the leaderboard. If you think that you reach your highest score, you donโ€™t need to wait half hour. You can quit the game and rank among the leaderboard.

Donโ€™t forget that the number of stars you have collected in your highest score will be kept in our data based on your wallet. Letโ€™s give an example and make it clear: You finished the game at 2.45,00 and collected 4 stars. Then, you decide to try again. This time, you finished the game at 2.17,00 and collected 2 stars. In this case, you will be placed according to your most highest score (shortest time) and 2 stars will be defined in your wallet.

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